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Our Staff

At Primary Colors, we strive to provide high quality child care services. In order for us to do so, we carefully select and screen our child care staff. All staff have received some level of education and training in the field of early childhood education and all are trained in first aid, CPR, and blood born pathogens. Professional development is a goal of this Center; therefore, the entire staff is required to obtain a minimum of 16 hours of professional development annually on topics relevant to the child care industry.




In compliance with state laws, Primary Colors has in place; a written screening policy which includes but is not limited to subjecting employees to: criminal background checks, abuse and neglect checks that are completed by the Department of Human Services, driving record checks (if applicable), drug tests, health appraisals, and reference checks.


All Primary Colors’ staff must sign a “Zero Tolerance Child Abuse and Neglect” statement. They are informed on child abuse and neglect policies and are aware that they are mandated by law to report suspected abuse and neglect.




Before hire, all staff at must pass a competency exam as part of the application process. All prospective employees must pass with a score of at least 85% accuracy to be considered for employment at Primary Colors.

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