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Our Curriculum

Primary Colors Early Learning Series

Based on extensive and proven research that has shown that children learn best thru play and the notion that children must aqcuire certain pre-acedmic skills before formal schooling begins, Primary Colors has developed its own theme based curriculum which uses a holistic approach to early childhood education. We combine play and education in a way that ensures your young student is acquiring the valuable skills needed for formal schooling.  Our curriculum incorporates the Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-Kindergarten (ECSQ-PK). 


And as your child grows and changes, we will use curriculum guidelines to help determine which activities are appropriate for each age and stage of development so that your child isn’t overwhelmed by activities that are developmentally inappropriate for him/her. Our curriculum allows children to use their individuality, imagination, and curiosity on a daily basis. Each child participates in daily periods of theme related play, small & large group activities, outdoor play (weather permitting), child initiated activities, small & gross skills development, as well as quiet and active activities. All activities are carefully planned, developmentally appropriate, and designed to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive needs.


Our curriculum provides opportunities for the following pre-academic learning experiences: Language & Literacy

Math & Numbers

Science & Discovery

Social Studies & Self Awareness


Our curriculum provides a balance of the following experiences:

Quiet & Active 

Sensory Exploration

Large & Small Group

Gross & Fine Motor 

Child Initiated and Adult Initiated


Our curriculum and program provides opportunities for children to:

Feel successful 

Learn self-awarenes

Feel good about him or herself

Develop independence

Practice social interaction skills

Take part in creative expression activities

Learn new skills and ideas

Participate in imaginative play

Be physically active


Our center is divided into interest areas which supports our curriculum and themes units:

Language & Literacy Center

Library Center

Writing Center

Math & Numbers Center

Science & Discovery Center

Social Studies & Self-Awareness Center

Music & Movement Center

Arts & Crafts Center

Blocks & Construction Center

Gross Motor & Active Play Center

Fine Motor & Manipulatives Center

Sensory, Sand & Water Center

Computer & Technology Center

Dramatic Play & Housekeeping Center 

Outdoor Learning & Play Center

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